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What is VA disability?

VA disability benefits are there to support you if you've been injured or developed health issues during your service. These can be physical injuries, like back problems or hearing loss, or mental health conditions like PTSD. The severity of your condition determines your disability rating, which ranges from 0% to 100%. The higher the rating, the more compensation you receive.

You can use this compensation to help with everyday expenses and medical care. Plus, if you need it, there's vocational rehab and housing support available. To qualify, you generally need a diagnosis related to your service and an honorable discharge.

Applying for VA disability is crucial. It's not just about the money; it's about getting the support you deserve for your sacrifices. The VA will look at your medical records and exams to determine your eligibility and rating.

These benefits are here for you, and they can make a real difference in your life. Don't hesitate to reach out and start the process by clicking the button below today!

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Learn about the claims that can get you service connected compensation and increase evaluation.


Learn about the VA's appeal claims and process when you disagree with the VA's decision.


Learn about how you can get additional money with your service connected disabilities to support your family.

Clear Unmistakable Error

Learn about how your benefits may change when a VA decision is based on an error known as a CUE.


Learn about how your disability benefits may be severed or reduced .

Who is Veteran Lang?

Veteran Lang is Attorney Matthew Lang who is an accredited VA attorney, retired army combat veteran and former VA employee who spent more than 13 years federal service in multiple VA offices in various positions. Veteran Lang set out to serve Veterans and make a difference. In his quest, he has developed claims, decided claims, trained and supervised VA staff, assisted in development of VA's paperless system, and wrote for more than one Board of Veterans' Appeal Judge. Veteran Lang has seen and lived the good, the bad, and the ugly of the VA system. Now he continues his quest standing next to Veterans fighting for their VA disability benefits.

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Why should you contact Veteran Lang?

You have your choices of handling your own VA disability claim, seeking assistance from Veteran Service Officers, National Veteran Organizations, accredited agents, and accredited attorneys. Why should you contact Veteran Lang? Veteran Lang has worn the the uniform. He has "played" in the dirt and the sand. He has an unapparelled understanding of the VA disability system. He is trained and educated in the interpretation and application of our nation's complex VA disability laws. He believes no one should be left behind. His passion to do right and find justice drives him. Most importantly of all, Veteran Lang wants you to be comfortable with who you seek assistance from. Contact him today and see what he can do for you!